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Cookie statement
Orange Mayonnaise makes use of JavaScript, cookies and web beacons to facilitate web browsing behaviour. We have formulated this cookie statement because it is important that everyone knows what is being stored on his/her computer. Of the three mentioned above, only cookies are stored on the computer itself.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when visiting our website. Functioning of the website will improve precisely because these cookies are stored. Furthermore, a lot of information can be extracted from the cookies in order to optimise the website.

Alternative techniques to make cookies work
Web beacons 
A web beacon is a transparent pixel on a website. The pixel gets downloaded and can then reveal how often and at what time the webpage is being loaded. As a result, it becomes possible to measure which webpages function better than others.

JavaScript is used to make a website interactive. JavaScript also allows the system to collect the necessary information.

Advantages of accepting cookies
Essentially, JavaScript, cookies and web beacons work together to make your internet experience as easy as possible. By accepting these techniques your browsing experience on our web pages is optimised. For the web user this means the following:

- Advertisements are adapted according to previously displayed browsing behaviour and preferences.
- Advertisements will not be shown repeatedly.
- Browsing multiple web pages will be quicker.
- All web pages are loaded correctly.
- You can place products in your shopping cart while shopping.
- You can remain logged in to a website after you have logged in once.

Third-party cookies
External parties place cookies on our website. Which cookies these are exactly and what they do with this information can be read in the privacy statement and cookies statement of the party in question.

What cookies can you find on our website?
Cookies can be divided into different types of cookies. The types of cookies found on our website are:

  • Functional cookies

  • Analytical cookies

  • Advertising cookies

  • Social media cookies

Functional cookies
These cookies keep a website functional. Placing functional cookies on the website is standard procedure to ensure that the website continues to work properly. The functional cookies that can be found on our website are:

  • Orange Mayonnaise

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies are used to collect user information from our website. This allows us, together with the parties assisting us, to improve and eventually optimise the website. The analytical cookies that can be found on our website are:

Advertising cookies
These are cookies put on our website by ourselves and by external parties. We also place cookies on other websites. The information on these cookies is combined to make advertisements as relevant as possible. As a result, users only get to see the most relevant advertisements and do not see the same advertisement repeated over and over again. The advertising cookies that can be found on our website are:

Social media cookies
Through our website you can share articles on Facebook. To enable this, Facebook has placed a cookie on our website. The social media cookies that can be found on our website are:

Unforeseen cookies 
As certain advertisements work with so-called embedded elements, it is not always possible to control what cookies are placed in these advertisements. Embedded elements are pieces of text, videos or pictures that can be placed on our website by external parties. We would like to be informed if use is made of a type of cookie that has not been mentioned in this cookie statement. That way we can find out from the external party what the cookie does and the purpose it serves.

Removing cookies or changing cookie-settings.
If you want to remove your cookies completely, block specific sites completely or adjust your cookie settings, you can do so in your web browser settings. This process is different for each web browser. The steps for each web browser can be found below: